Girl kissing a small, one-eyed dog

Goodbye Melba

Dear Readers, Today's post is a sad one. If you need happy reading, or don't have a box of tissues handy, I suggest you read elsewhere. On July 28, I said goodbye to Melba forever. The best, sweetest little dog had been carrying around a tumor for over a year, and at the end of … Continue reading Goodbye Melba

Woman kissing a chiweenie

Level Up

Big news, readers! The story of my very slowly knit vest was post 500 for yours truly. For this blogger, post one happened almost eight years ago. 500 posts have taken a 500 posts ago, I was blogging under the nom de plume Wendolene on a blog called Shop on the High Street (since migrated … Continue reading Level Up


After my initial failed attempt to knit Melba a sweater, I lost my enthusiasm but didn't give up. On car rides, during movies, and at Knit Night, I pegged away at my wonky-shaped little green sweater. Lo and behold, it fits my wonky-shaped little Melba. The spikes were absolutely essential.  Although Melba does not have … Continue reading Dogzilla

Sad Ears

My first attempt at knitting Melba a sweater didn't go so well. The knitting part was fine. The wearing--not so much. After we released her from the sweater, she curled up in a sad ball on one corner of the couch to recover from her traumatic experience, I frogged the whole thing, adjusted *all* my … Continue reading Sad Ears

Will Too

I am ridiculously competitive sometimes. Last week, when I was listing the few contents of a room for Querido, he jokingly bet that the spinning wheel in the closet would stay there until we moved again. It wasn't meant to be a challenge, but clearly I didn't have enough to do, because I took it … Continue reading Will Too