Big Yarn

Tonight, briefly, a closeup of some very big yarn. Although I am comfortable picking (also called continental) now, for this super bulky yarn I found I got better leverage throwing.  What are your strategies for knitting with bulky yarn?


Well hello again everyone.  I think a month may have gone by, but I'm not sure.  I didn't see it pass. November is the month for doing all the things, so let's see how long I last doing a post a day.  Sound like fun? For most of October (which truly was barely here before … Continue reading Unstuck

That’s Better

You know that moment, when you have a dozen pressing tasks to attend to, and suddenly the most minute issue, one that has been lingering at the very bottom of your list for months, suddenly becomes The Most Important Issue To Address? That was me today.  I crocheted a loop onto a potholder I knitted … Continue reading That’s Better

In the Middle

Here we are, knitters, in the middle of the year.  This holiday weekend is billed as the epitome of vivacity by cooking and lifestyle magazines, but here in Kansas it has been uniformly dour.  Some rain, but mostly just solid, dull clouds and a cool wind.  Malthus and I are on the couch, listening to … Continue reading In the Middle