Welcome to Anti-Quotidian!

Hello all and welcome to Anti-Quotidian! Grab a beverage and a project and read along as I celebrate the extraordinary in the everyday.

I’m Allison (she/her): onetime librarian, all-the-time worrier, knitter, and keeper of little creatures (several furry, two not). I started knitting in 1998 or so when I lived in the Midwest and didn’t stop after I joined the ranks of Midwesterners exported to the Arizonan desert. Never one to do things the easy way, I usually have a saga to go along with what I’m making.

This blog started as Shop on the High Street in 2007 to document my knitting (mis)adventures and Anglophile tendencies. It transformed into Anti-Quotidian circa 2010 when I realized I was spending as much time writing about the extraordinary in my everyday experience. Now you will find posts about knitting, spinning, and other fiber crafts interspersed with posts about travel, the desert, and other topics. And, every March or so, a post about how it’s too darn hot out here.

Everyone is welcome in this space.  You’re welcome to be, to speak your mind, and to disagree.  Please treat your fellow readers the way you want them to treat you and know that intolerance will not be tolerated.  If you feel this space is unwelcoming, I apologize, and am happy to receive feedback via the email below.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll share your thoughts on how you keep the everyday from becoming commonplace, either in the comments or via antiquotidianblog@gmail.com.

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