Policies and FAQ

Anti-quotidian is a blog and, as of 2022, a knitwear design company! Please check our policies and FAQ below before contacting us.


Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome in this space. You’re welcome to be, to speak your mind, and to disagree. Please treat your fellow readers the way you want them to treat you and know that intolerance will not be tolerated. If you feel this space is unwelcoming, I apologize, and am happy to receive feedback via antiquotidianblog@gmail.com.


All content copyright Anti-quotidian unless otherwise noted. Spiral staircase logo created by Paul Fritz for Anti-quotidian


Digital patterns are not eligible for returns.

Pattern Support

Please email all pattern support requests to antiquotidianblog@gmail.com.

Still have questions? Contact us at antiquotidianblog@gmail.com!

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