Mostly Here

Greetings, dear readers, from the land of the barely awake. Few words this morning, but I have pretty things to show you. Lovely KnitCircus gradient yarn that came in the bag of funder goodies from the Great Northern Knits Kickstarter. A Talamu shawl, with the end in sight.

The Middle Bit

Yesterday I did a very impressive thing: I went into a nice yarn store, and I didn't buy any yarn. Some friends and I were at the Yarn Barn. I don't know what happened the first time I was there, because it didn't seem like a particularly exciting store. Yesterday was an entirely different story: … Continue reading The Middle Bit

Can’t Let Go

I meant to do a post about Querido's sweater, which is coming along slowly but without major mishap. But I can't let go of this top. The sleeves continue to confound me, but they're so little, so deceptively simple...I keep having to take a crack at getting them right. This week will be chilly, too...I … Continue reading Can’t Let Go

One Day

   One day, this little scrap of knitting will be a sleeve. But not until I have ripped and reknitted it a fourth time. 


Hello dear readers, I hope you aren't champing at the bit to see Querido in a brand new sweater, because that's nowhere close to happening yet. Last Saturday was an outrageously SPRING day, with the lilacs and ornamental cherries and trees with white flowers and trees with tiny mauve flowers going crazy, and I decided … Continue reading Lilacs