The Middle Bit

cat looking at knitting spread out on a couch
“I could sit on that for you.”

Yesterday I did a very impressive thing: I went into a nice yarn store, and I didn’t buy any yarn.

Some friends and I were at the Yarn Barn. I don’t know what happened the first time I was there, because it didn’t seem like a particularly exciting store. Yesterday was an entirely different story: glorious chubby hanks of bulky wool and alpaca, gorgeous locally dyed fleece and sock yarn, subtly variegated American wools and a rainbow of every flavor of Brown Sheep. We touched *everything*, perused their incredible book selection, and I only left with the spinning wheel repair kit I needed. And maybe a zippered notion pouch. My friends helped me think of ways reasons it was an essential purchase.

Today I am dutifully at home, knitting away on WIPs with the cats. I realized as I was updating Ravelry photos that I am so desperate to start something new because everything on the needles right now is in the middle bit. Each design is interesting and elegant and well-written, but there is a point in just about every knitting project where you just have to chug along until something happens.

Midtown needs another two inches on the back before I can get to the exciting slip-stitch patterned fronts.

Talamu is 1/3 of the way into a repeat, with the rows getting longer, so holding one’s breath for the next eyelet row would be a poor choice.

Talamu knitted shawl in progress

Jilted is one round past the point where you divide body and armholes, which means I have many inches of fingering-weight stockinette in the round before I get to (brace yourself) *ribbing*.

Oh darn. I’m getting angsty just listing all these out. Grumpiness and avoidance will not get me anywhere. With all these projects, the only way out is through. Wish me luck, knitters!

One response to “The Middle Bit”

  1. It’s so funny how different we knitters are. The parts which get miserably boring for you are perfect car/lunch knitting for me, because they don’t require much thought and are ready to go. I stall out on my wips when I reach a decision point – need to decide what new heel to try this time, need to do math to see if it’s big enough yet, need to sit and focus on putting a thumb in, or to just pay attention to a pattern. 🙂

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