One from the Archives

Tabby cat sitting on an orange, red, and green knitted wrap
Malthus makes her best Edward Gorey face.

Continuing the theme of cats sitting on knitwear, we have Malthus sitting on a wrap I knitted ages ago.

It was when I was a new knitter, and Brown Sheep still sold yarn in hanks. The yarn store I shopped at, the only one in the Valley, had a whole wall of these hanks, a wooly spectrum of saturated color. Fall colors were my favorite then too, and I picked out a strong orange, dark red, walnut brown, and forest green.

I can’t remember if I had the idea to make a poncho before or after I bought the yarn, but that’s what I knitted. I had advanced far enough that I could match yarn to the appropriate needles, but not so far that I was using others’ patterns. I had been playing with the Diamond Lace pattern from my 70’s-tastic Arco Guide to Knitting Stitches, and cast on a dozen repeats plus a garter edge. It didn’t even occur to me to worry that the color changes chopped two diamonds in half, and actually, my color changes were incredibly tidy.

When I had a long rectangle, I bound off and crocheted one side together. After ponchos went back out, I undid the crocheting and used it occasionally as a wrap. More often than not, it lived in its moth-proof Ziploc body bag. Today, I took it out of the bag for the first time in years to wear as a scarf. It was snug enough to ward off a sharp morning breeze, and what do you know. It makes an irresistible kitty bed too.

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