Everything is a Kitty Bed

Hello, dear readers.  How have you been?

I feel like a very bad blogger, sneaking in after a long absence and hoping all’s forgiven. Will a cat picture appease you?

I finished Querido’s sweater, just barely in time for the cold weather. …If you count having four buttons instead of six as done. My vintage button collection needs some building up in the 1″ size range.

Again, cat picture. In the time it took me to thread my needle, Eloise had arranged herself in a perfect kitty-loaf. All the cats are obsessed with this sweater. I’m not sure why: Quince & Co. Yarns are not particularly sheepy. Perhaps after all the time it spent in my bag, it smells like me? Once it smells like Querido the two of us are going to have to hide it from them or he’ll never get to wear it.

Have your pets ever picked a favorite from your crafting projects? Tell me about it while I try to find my blogging mojo!

2 responses to “Everything is a Kitty Bed”

  1. I must, by necessity, be forgiving of your blogging absence, for it would be hypocritical of me not to be, when I am remiss in my blog reading; though I would be forgiving anyway. 🙂 It is good to hear from you, and to meet Eloise. 🙂

    My cats don’t have any particular fascination for my knitting projects. (I am lucky that way.) However, they *will* go out of their way to lay on all of my knitting/gaming/internet-reading implements, rather than choose the soft, warm, not-pokey-or-hard-or-randomly-shaped seat next to it. 🙂 And they look quite happy laying on top of what I can’t imagine is comfortable, and quite put out when I move it out from under them (or move them). 🙂

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