Take Time

Like the other days in this long weekend, today was devoted to making.  Over the past four days, I have knitted, cooked, written, and sewed (and snuggled cats).  Most of these projects have deadlines, some self-imposed and others imposed by outside factors. All this time spent making has been good thinking time.  I don't have … Continue reading Take Time


Last night was something. Querido and I stayed awake to the end, and three short hours later were awake again trying to figure out what to do with this day.  Not surprisingly, every stitch knitted last night had to be pulled out. For the project in question I am lever knitting, which is still a … Continue reading After

I Like You Too

You've probably noticed that I'm having a hard time keeping up with the blogging here. Between wedding madness, Christmas madness, and actually knitting, I don't have a lot of time (or brain space) left to talk about how I've been knitting. One thing really quick though: Anti-Quotidian has accrued 500 likes. As someone who got … Continue reading I Like You Too