The Last of the Summer Knitting

Detail of a Waterlily Tee in turquoise

In a college town, time moves the the coming and going of students and faculty. Everyone is back now. The mornings are cool and the parking is gone. I have had a big stack of unopened fall knitting magazines for weeks, but I hadn’t been able to get my head around this whole fall thing.

Isn’t summer supposed to drag out for two more miserable months?  And also, how can it be fall when my summer knitting isn’t done?

This afternoon I went on a finishing-up kick, and that took care of the last of my summer knitting:

Detail of a Waterlily Tee in turquoise
Wonky sleeve the result of incomplete blocking

The Waterlily Tee.  This was my first project from the Pom Pom Quarterly magazines, and I really enjoyed wrapping my head around a different house style of pattern writing.  A lot of Ravelers complained that the stockinette went on forever, but I really liked that the bulk of the knitting could happen while I was on autopilot.  The lace pattern is basically two offset columns, and by the time you’ve done two repeats, you’re at the shoulders.

I adore this project: the watery green (by Kansas dyer Th’Red Head designs — score one for Knit American!) combined with the unstructured shape looks very Deco to me, the sort of garment that Cassandra Mortmain might have inherited and revived with green dye.

Woman wearing a Waterlily Tee in Turquoise
What is this face about?

I borrowed Querido from his homework for the lace detail, but attempted to do a front shot myself before the light faded.  A dozen blurry and oddly framed images were (until I deleted them) proof that I need to spend some serious time practicing using my camera’s timer.  I also need to lose the Selfie Gothic face.  Truly, having a new top finished is not a grim occasion.

Solemn photos or not, that’s the last of the summer knitting.  I have cotton-blend yarn for three more tops, but now it’s time to turn to wool and worsted weights.

Happy Fall, knitters.

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