Forward and Back

Happy Black Friday, readers–did you all survive the shopping? I woke up to a window glazed in ice and decided that this was not a day for going out.

More time for knitting, right?

I found that the best way to get out of the middle bit of my Midtown Cardigan was to go through.  The back is now folded up and sitting quietly in the WIP bin, and I have the excitement of getting the fronts started.

Brown fronts of Midtown cardigan in progress

They are not much more than a start, unfortunately, because I discovered that the Talamu shawl was too small…

Blue and cream Talamu shawl in progress

And had to be restarted.  Bleugh.  Thankfully, it’s Wovember, and I have had plenty to read and I attempt to gallop back to where I was several days ago.

Happy knitting!


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