Hidden Treasures

When I am trawling Ravelry, searching for just the right pattern, the pattern that will fit all my hopes for a particular yarn, the pattern that everyone loves, I will occasionally come across a pattern that hardly anyone has knitted. I always stop to wonder why–are none of the people who knit this one on Ravelry? Did they knit it and not record it as a project?

Katherine Hepburn Fancy Trouser Sock in brown
One sock.

I have been jonesing on knitting socks for a while, so a few weeks ago, when I was planning knitting for a vacation, the ladies at my LYS’ knit night gave me very sage advice: bring socks. My go-to socks are Nancy Bush’s ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks, but this time I thought I’d branch out and use one of my other patterns. My Rav search turned up the socks from Silver Screen Knits: Katherine Hepburn Fancy Trouser Socks, which lo and behold, had only one project in the project gallery.

I couldn’t resist.

Handknitted sock in progress
The gusset

The socks came with me. I had a moment of squeamishness when I had to choose a size (these are the first sized socks I’ve successfully completed), but size small turned out to be ok for my size 8 1/2 foot. The stitch pattern was easily memorized, and I was able to bring them everywhere.

Finished Katherine Hepburn Fancy Trouser Socks in brown

As an aside, we were vacationing on a cruise (hence the water in the background of my Francis FO pictures). My constitution is so not suited for cruises. There is a lot of waiting, which I’m only good at if I have an endless supply of knitting, and you are bombarded with activities left and right. It takes a fair bit of doing to escape the hubbub and find a nice place to sit and stare at the ocean a la Miss Marple. Also, you are on a boat, floating in water, and not only can I not swim, I have a mental catalog of doomed ships in history and entertainment. Titanic, Lusitania, Juggernaut, MS Estonia, Costa Concordia….

Maybe that’s why it only took me five days to finish these socks.

I’m done complaining now. I have my socks. They’re number two in the Ravelry project gallery for the pattern. Querido’s imminent death by hypothermia is keeping me working on his sweater instead of casting on another five pairs (look concerned, people, we’re going to have a high of 65 on Saturday!), so now it’s your turn. Knit these socks. They’re awesome.

4 responses to “Hidden Treasures”

  1. I agree, your socks *are* awesome. 🙂 I shall have to add this pattern to my queue, though it will be in line behind several other patterns – all of which are behind a simple pair of plain vanilla socks in sock weight. I enjoy knitting socks, but thus far they have all been worsted or DK weight. 🙂

      • Oh dear…I hadn’t even noticed that! This book is so fun to read, I would consider it a worthwhile purchase even if I never knitted anything besides the socks and cardigan. There is that swishy trumpet skirt though…

  2. It does look like a fun-to-read book. Maybe my library has a copy, or could be persuaded to obtain one. There is another new book that I need to suggest to them, too. 🙂

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