Still Knitting

Hello, dear readers. This may look like a picture of ribbing, or the beginning of a ribbed beanie, but it is actually a picture of three weeks.  Three weeks is a long time in blog land, but in real life it went by in a snap.

In these three weeks, I had my first tenure review (here we are reviewed annually for six years, with the sixth year being the one where the candidate receives tenure). My colleagues are lovely and supportive, but there is simply something strange and bewildering about having two dozen of them stare you down as you try to explain an entire year in five minutes. I lived to tell the tale, and even passed muster, but tumbled straight from  my first review into a weekend of travel.

Travel is awesome, and I am so lucky to be able to attend events and see family that are not near.  The only downside?  Travel takes it out of you too.  Coming back, I felt like I had a week’s worth of things to get sorted.  Thank goodness airport time means knitting time: I managed to finish up a sweater that weekend.  Now the conundrum: to blog immediately, with happy-wearing- my-unblocked-sweater photos, or wait until I can wrangle my photographer and take of-course-I-block-sweaters-before-I-wear-them photos?

The picture of three weeks is a little squidge of ribbing, and not an entire hat, because two of the last three weeks have seen the distressing inclusion of *workouts* into my schedule.  Once upon a time, I had a job where I walked and lugged books around constantly, and I could eat whatever I liked and was healthy.  Then I had a job where I sat, but getting to that job involved a lot of walking, and I could eat whatever I liked and was still healthy.  Now I have a job where I sit a lot, I can’t walk to work (there is a decided dearth of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings in this town), I still eat whatever I want, and I am not healthy.  So the three weeks you see above includes two weeks where I have sacrificed my knitting time to gym time.  Going to the gym makes me terribly grumpy.  I begrudge the effortlessly fit people their fitness, I become utterly unreasonable when I am exhausted, and also, I am angry that doing nothing to keep myself in shape has resulted in me being in poor shape.

Please be patient with me, dear readers.  This blogger is trying to be a little less cranky, and to blog a little more often.

3 responses to “Still Knitting”

  1. Now that ‘Gymuary’ is over I hope you it is less crowded at your gym. Good luck making peace and finding something there that doesn’t aggravate you while sacrificing knitting time!

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