Dark clouds across an evening sky

Tornado Knitting

Good evening, all.  This night's knitting began with me losing a 10.5 circular needle in a 100-square-foot room, so prepare yourselves.  This may be a rambling post. I haven't talked too much about the weather this year.  Spring has, by and large, been lovely.  After a mild winter, spring was surprisingly, deliciously cool.  Bunches of … Continue reading Tornado Knitting

O w l s Proceed

More O w l s! Last night I left behind waist decreases for waist increases. Tonight, Melba and I are sitting down to a nice British murder mystery and knitting ourselves to sleep. Achieving that end might take one of us less time than the other.


Knitting is happening. I swear it.I know; anyone who has been following along has been expecting a status report on my quest to Knit American, or at least, some evidence that I have been knitting, not just eating. &nbsp&nbspSo here is exhibit A: sleeves, knitted in New York City. They will eventually belong to an … Continue reading Proof