It’s Monday?


Really? Hrm. That means it’s definitely November.

All around the blogosphere, bloggers are blogging every day of the month, knitting a sweater in a month…

I have always been amazed that November is marathon-project month. How did this come to be? November has been my busiest month ever since I entered the wonderful world of higher education. In Arizona, it’s state library conference month. Even for ordinary folk in the U.S., this is the start of the holiday season.

Any thoughts on how November was chosen as marathon-project month?

My marathon will be making it to December in one piece, but I also have been working on this:

Hand holding purple ribbed knitting
The worsted is still holding its appeal

Yep, my O w l s is still seeing action. I’m very excited. Maybe it will even be finished before November ends.

2 responses to “It’s Monday?”

  1. Whoo! gogogo! Great color!

    I don’t understand how November became such a marathon month for things either. You’d think holiday prep would be enough… I was startled by xmas decorations already up on my campus today. EEEEK!

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