Welcome Fall

Yesterday, a stiff south wind blew a storm through the valley. We got a nice, heavy soaking, and this morning the air was cool and clean. Fall is finally here, and it is glorious.


Knitting is happening. I swear it.I know; anyone who has been following along has been expecting a status report on my quest to Knit American, or at least, some evidence that I have been knitting, not just eating. &nbsp&nbspSo here is exhibit A: sleeves, knitted in New York City. They will eventually belong to an … Continue reading Proof

Home Again

I should have given you all fair warning that blog silence might be coming; I was positive I'd have time to blog on the road. Clearly not, so let's catch up a bit!Mousie and I traveled east, spending time in NYC and Ocean City, NJ.We saw knitbombing in Chelsea,took a ferry to see the Statue … Continue reading Home Again