Merry Monday

Merry Christmas, if you're celebrating, Merry Monday everyone else. We haven't begun festivities yet and are just putting the house to rights. Laundry was washed, a huge bag of tunas were boiled so I didn't trip over the darned things another day, and now I'm sitting with some coffee and an unfinished Christmas gift. I … Continue reading Merry Monday

My Other Craft

Hello again readers!  This November has been a busy month.  There has been travel, and adventures, and yarn, but very little time at home.  To center myself tonight, I dove into my other craft: cooking.  I don't often post about cooking, but I cook dinner most nights, and often indulge my proclivity for baked goods … Continue reading My Other Craft


First visit to Shine Coffee's permanent home, across the street from the Heard. Although their other coffee shop is an Airstream, this place is way too cute.

Pi(e) Day

It's Pi day, I'm on break, and there were walnuts in the cupboard. How could I resist? Update 3/15 I was worried to add too many details before I knew how the pie had come out, but it was delicious, so here you go: The recipe is "Walnut Tartlets with Chocolate Lace," from The Martha … Continue reading Pi(e) Day