Second Try

Hello again, everyone!  After much angst and more hours, I can finally share one of my projects-under-wraps: We've moved! For many reasons, most of which are too personal and dull to be detailed here, we chose Phoenix for our home. The last time we lived in Phoenix, I invested a lot of energy in being … Continue reading Second Try

Death Pollen

While the rest of the country gets snowed on, Phoenix is being blanketed in drifts of big yellow pollen from the mesquite trees. Sure, it looks pretty, but everyone is terribly allergic to it. I am terribly allergic to it: today my head feels like it's going to explode, my throat is scratchy, and my … Continue reading Death Pollen


First visit to Shine Coffee's permanent home, across the street from the Heard. Although their other coffee shop is an Airstream, this place is way too cute.

Found Dog

Querido and I found this little guy wandering onto 7th Avenue yesterday. We stopped, herded him out of harm's way (with help from an undercover cop) and got him into the car (with help from a jogger with some string in his pocket). No collar, no chip (as we later learned). Trying to find a … Continue reading Found Dog