Merry Monday

Merry Christmas, if you're celebrating, Merry Monday everyone else. We haven't begun festivities yet and are just putting the house to rights. Laundry was washed, a huge bag of tunas were boiled so I didn't trip over the darned things another day, and now I'm sitting with some coffee and an unfinished Christmas gift. I … Continue reading Merry Monday

Sheep blurred as it climbs up on its pen

County Fair

It's county fair season here in Kansas. My only experience with fairs is the Arizona state fair, which is more about the rides than agricultural excellence. I've been working a lot with agriculture documents at work, and decided that for a properly authentic Kansas experience, the county fair was the thing to do. Even though … Continue reading County Fair


Today, I don't have any grandiose plans to change the world, not magnificent FOs to show off. I just have buttons. Do you keep a button box? Growing up, my sisters and I would play with the buttons in our mother's button box, and I raided it for closures for the wonky little pouches I … Continue reading Buttons