Back Online

Hello again everyone! Analog week is over, and I'm back. Normally, I'm not into stunts or fasts or tests of endurance, but going analog for a week was pretty awesome. I didn't go 100% analog: there was a day where I went online to apply for a job whose deadline was within analog week, and … Continue reading Back Online

School’s Out

School's out, the job has ended, the thermometer's rising, and I'm taking a week off. I'll be taking a vacation from blogging, too. Don't worry, though, I'll be back before you know it 😉 Have a great week, everyone!

Blogging is Not What I’m Supposed to Be Doing Right Now

Right now, I'm supposed to be updating my cover letter. But I don't want to. I spoiled myself utterly and beyond measure this weekend, putzing about Friday, putting up ornaments at Mum's on Saturday (and eating yummy Trader Joe's holiday treats. Those people are fiendishly clever when it comes to designing irresistible snack food.), and … Continue reading Blogging is Not What I’m Supposed to Be Doing Right Now

Rough Start

Inexplicably, it's November. I'm off to a bit of a rough start, beginning with a lack of coffee in my kitchen, but things are as clear and dry as usual here in Phoenix. Good thoughts to everyone back east--may you November end much, much better than it started.