Death Pollen

While the rest of the country gets snowed on, Phoenix is being blanketed in drifts of big yellow pollen from the mesquite trees. Sure, it looks pretty, but everyone is terribly allergic to it. I am terribly allergic to it: today my head feels like it's going to explode, my throat is scratchy, and my … Continue reading Death Pollen

Back Online

Hello again everyone! Analog week is over, and I'm back. Normally, I'm not into stunts or fasts or tests of endurance, but going analog for a week was pretty awesome. I didn't go 100% analog: there was a day where I went online to apply for a job whose deadline was within analog week, and … Continue reading Back Online

School’s Out

School's out, the job has ended, the thermometer's rising, and I'm taking a week off. I'll be taking a vacation from blogging, too. Don't worry, though, I'll be back before you know it 😉 Have a great week, everyone!