Blogging is Not What I’m Supposed to Be Doing Right Now

Low clouds over mountains in Phoenix, AZ
This is how our weekend began
Orange sunset over mountains in Phoenix, AZ
This is how the weekend ended.

Right now, I’m supposed to be updating my cover letter. But I don’t want to. I spoiled myself utterly and beyond measure this weekend, putzing about Friday, putting up ornaments at Mum’s on Saturday (and eating yummy Trader Joe’s holiday treats. Those people are fiendishly clever when it comes to designing irresistible snack food.), and yesterday, spending the whole entire day knitting and watching BBC cozies.

Today is the first proper day of our winter holiday at the college. Before we went on break, I promised myself I would apply for at least four jobs. And now that I have to actually do it, I’m fussing.

(An aside for people who have never applied for a job in an academic library: I am not trying to skip out on my current place of employ. My appointment ends in May. Academic libraries generally advertise around now for positions that will start in the fall. Hence the applications.)

What are you avoiding this Monday?

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