Back Online

Red knitted sweater in progress
840 yards of stockinette complete.

Hello again everyone! Analog week is over, and I’m back.

Normally, I’m not into stunts or fasts or tests of endurance, but going analog for a week was pretty awesome. I didn’t go 100% analog: there was a day where I went online to apply for a job whose deadline was within analog week, and I took and made calls on my iPhone. But those things actually made the week harder, not easier, to get through.

Day one, I weirded out a little at not being able to tell the world every single little thing I was thinking. By day two, that wore off, and I was really enjoying not having to mentally juggle more than two tasks at once: knitting + reading. Reading + coffee. Knitting + writing. My new turntable and my old tuner won’t talk, so the only music I heard was music played in shops. Sometimes that was lonely, but mostly it was soothing. Day three I applied for a job. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Job applications represent the worst of the digital world, if you ask me. That experience made me keep the analog going through the weekend.

Analog week did not turn into a massive project-a-thon. I am sometimes guilty of making myself miserable completing a project just to have it completed. By some miracle, I did not do that to myself this time. I worked on a story I began 10 years ago, but didn’t race to finish it. I made progress on my Holla Back Tank and Red (above), but did not lose sleep in an attempt to finish either project. I read a book, but did not attempt to read every book I’ve ever wanted to read. I did what I felt like doing, and tried to focus on enjoying each activity in the moment.

The biggest eye-opener was just how overburdened I’d been these past few weeks. I want to keep from getting to that point again, but without shutting down my computer and phone for a week, I’m not sure how. Recommendations?

2 responses to “Back Online”

  1. I am usually not able to make myself do this, but I seem to do better when I limit my internet time to half-an-hour to an hour in the morning and half-an-hour to an hour in the evening.

    Also, hi! I miss you! ❤

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