Fall is Coming

Trees and fields in late summer
Blazing sun but a cool breeze: summer’s last hurrah

Thank you for all your kind words for Melba. I am still terribly sad, but there are many things to keep me busy and distracted.

First there is a little bit of blog tidying. I finally took the time to go ad-free and give this little blog its own domain, anti-quotidian.com. The redirect should work for a while, but if you have it listed in a reader, you will want to update.

As I come up on one year of living in Kansas, I have been very aware of my environment. Querido and I went on a long walk this weekend, and it feels like summer may be having its last hurrah. This seems early: in Arizona everyone is hunkering down for the long drag to summer’s bitter end. But in Kansas, the mornings are cool and so are the breezes. Our lawn, which was shooting up almost as fast as we could mow, has slowed down enough for us to skip a week of mowing.

I finished up the last of my summer tops, and they are only waiting for photos. I want to knit socks and hats and sweaters, but there is another large project in the queue…

Blue and white quilt top spread out on a table

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