Red cardigan with black buttons
I’ve got buttons.

Today, I don’t have any grandiose plans to change the world, not magnificent FOs to show off. I just have buttons.

Do you keep a button box? Growing up, my sisters and I would play with the buttons in our mother’s button box, and I raided it for closures for the wonky little pouches I made in my early days as a knitter. When I moved out, I started my own button box, filling it with those irresistible little sale cards of buttons from fabric stores, specialty buttons from yarn stores, and gently (or not so gently) worn buttons salvaged from clothes en route to the rag bag.

In several years of collecting, however, I had never actually used any of the buttons from my box. Until today. The sweater is my Leah’s Lovely Cardigan, finished last summer. Because of the wonky fit through the body, I wore it open for a year, but many a time at my desk I thought it would be useful to have a few buttons to keep the neck closed over a v-neck shirt.

In my clean all the things phase right after my job ended, I finally got enough momentum to go searching for buttons to put on the cardigan, but not enough momentum to go out and buy buttons. So I poked through the button box, and there they were: a whole bunch of little cloth buttons salvaged from an old sundress. By some miracle, they were not a smidge to big or small (have you noticed button-box buttons usually come in those two sizes?), and by an additional miracle I had red thread, so on they went.

That’s my excitement for this Tuesday. I actually used buttons from my button box, and my cardigan will stay closed at the neck. Huzzah!

2 responses to “Buttons”

  1. Me too, I have sweet memories of playing with the buttons that my mother kept in boxes, I think I knew every single one of them (and of course had my favourites!), it somehow felt like money or like a treasure. Good that you found exactly what you needed in the button box!

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