Stash Begone

Cotton yarn in a sea green yarn bowl
Is that a puppy tummy in the background?

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today’s posting will be sadly brief–I have to make my apartment acceptable to be seen by company, and I don’t expect that to be an easy task. But Arizona’s low desert permitted rain glorious rain to fall on her soil, so I am snuggled up with Melba on the couch and wearing away my fingers knitting the cotton out of my stash.

The naughty little girl was finally successful in her bid to get two dinners out of Querido and me, and so she’s out for the count. In the midst of my Christmas knitting, I have been seized with a desire to use up my stash–preferably enough to allow me to put it all away. The cotton goes first.

2 responses to “Stash Begone”

  1. A perennial knitty problem … where to put the stash. Due to an old injury playing up I’m forbidden to knit just now so my yarn is all out of sight to avoid temptation.

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