Serene olive tree against a bright sky
Sometimes staring at a tree is really restorative, you know what I mean?

Hello dear readers, a quick check in.

I wanted to stop by and say hello before we return to our usual lighthearted yarny content.

How are you all? Doing ok? The past six months have been a doozy, and it’s ok if you’re not. Comment below if you’d like to talk about it ❤️

I have had a hard time showing up here because after all the things that have happened this year, my inner anxious perfectionist felt like if she couldn’t be here to say she had done all the right things to fix all the wrongs of the world for everyone, what right does she have to take up any space at all? Which is not at all helpful or even possible. Yes, I have learned ways in which I do need to be more thoughtful and compassionate toward others, and yes I have worked hard to do so. Yes I need to keep learning and showing up better.

So I guess what I have today is a reminder to myself as much as it is a request for you.

Sleep. Drink some water. Knit.*

Take a nice sit and think about what you have that’s extra. It gives me a squirmy feeling, but then after you sit with that squirmy feeling for a moment, you can think of what you can share with those who need a hand.

Maybe you’ve got extra time, food, or school supplies. Maybe you can afford to buy a ko-fi for a favorite blogger. None of those? Then you can boost a voice, ask some hard questions, or listen.

I hope lots of us find we’ve got room to listen.

Maybe a lot, maybe a little, but whatever you’ve got to give, please get out there and share, and don’t forget to take care of yourselves.

Yarn tomorrow.

*Or crochet. Or read a book. Or snuggle your dog/cat/chinchilla. Whatever helps you stay centered.

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