For the Moms

Hello all, I hope this post finds you safe and well.

Closeup of a messy work surface with burp cloth, cat,  knitting, and tote bag with enamel pins depicting the chemical symbol for oxytocin and the words “rest is for rebels”

I have tried to start this post and failed several times. In the US, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so some sort of celebratory salutation seems to be required. But the world is such a sad, suffering place I have spent the week filled with too much sorrow to muster up a celebration. When it takes three days to get towels from washer to linen closet, how can I even begin to build a better place for the mothers and children in this world?

But not doing better is not an option. So with a little help, I took some quiet time to knit and sort my thoughts, and gave to the National Bail Out, an organization I respect for combining of immediate relief efforts with community organization and longer term assistance. I can’t fix all the things, but maybe if I get out of my head for long enough I can make one thing better.

So for those who identify as mothers, stay brave and say a kind word to yourself.

For those who support moms (especially those supporting this mom), thank you for standing by us.

For my sons, my dearest wish is that you fight to build a more just world, because that’s what you saw your mom do.

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