Well That Was a Year

A ballband dishcloth with the ends not yet woven in

How are you doing everyone? Holding up ok? We’re all more or less ok over here but wow…that was a year, and 2021 is shaping up to have a similar level of tumult.*

It started with a move, and then a baby, and then a pandemic, and a new job…and the whole “knit 17,543 yards in a year!!!” plan sort of went sideways. If you are just joining on my stash/destash journey, here’s my very optimistic post from last January, where I started with the #makenine framework, then tumbled over to #stashdown2020 and resurfaced for air with a whopping 23 projects in my queue.

Thanks first and foremost to Rochelle and Amanda, respectively, for hosting these two challenges. I had a lot of fun digging into my project wishlist and dreaming big with the FO’s.

Portion of montage of pattern photos for Allison's #stashdown2020 challenge, including a blanket, sweaters, a hat, and a cowl, images copyright their respective creators

And then reality happened!

I joke, but also 17,543 yards in a year works out to 48 yards per day (ok, *slightly* less, it was a leap year), which is not insurmountable but it’s a bit, and that’s if you only knit the projects you said you were going to knit. I started out strong in January through March, finishing two large and long-standing UFO’s, several baby knits (for the baby, naturally), and some washcloths. Then I signed up for a massive commission piece. I am very proud of that piece, but it was I kept messing up my gauge so I actually knitted the whole thing twice. So that was 5,720 yards of knitting over a couple of months, and after it was finished I never quite regained my big-project stride.

But I kept going with washcloths! By the end of they year I had knitted eight, and they made me really happy. Not so good for using up that wool stash, but so soothing to knit.

Another source of fun was knitting for the littles. Dollop didn’t have much of a choice of his knits at first, but now at 10 months he hates hats with a white hot passion, so all the hats will go to his brother, who is pretty appreciative of handknits.

It was really only in the final quarter of the year that I returned to large projects. I didn’t finish any of them, but hey, I’ve got something to put into my goals for the year ahead.

So the final numbers are…

  • 11,682 yards knitted
    • 5,962.3 yards out of stash (4,981 in yarn projects, 981.3 gifted or sold)
  • 13,885 yards into stash

Put differently, I used up 42.94% of what came in. So the stash didn’t actually go down.

But as we learned so many times in 2020, all we can do is to try, fail, and try to do more, or better, next time.

* I am fully aware of all the political happenings in the US. As much as I would love to have the time to contribute juicy, meaningful posts that dig deep into current issues, they are happening far too fast and too furious for that to be compatible for my posting rate, and also many more informed and capable voices are treating these topics with the care they deserve. If you would like to see some of the world events I care about in a timely fashion, follow me on Instagram.

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