For the Price of a Skein of Yarn


Thank you all, dear readers, for giving me the space in my last post to whine a little bit.  I needed it!

After having my moment to fuss, I got to thinking about the things I don’t have to complain about, like a chronic illness.  The Yarn Harlot is on her annual ride across Ontario in support of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, and this will be the third year I’ve supported her team.  If I can find money in my budget for fancy yarn, I can fish around and find money to help those in need.  In the grand scheme, the cost of a skein of yarn is not a lot (I can’t be the only one with a pile of one-off souvenir skeins that have accumulated as if by magic), but with lots of donations in little increments, Stephanie and a serious contingent of her team members have become top fundraisers for the Foundation.  If you have some yarn money burning a hole in your pocket, there’s still a day left to donate (this is the link to her team’s fundraising page), and I won’t tell if that special skein ends up coming home with you too.


What’s more, for all I fuss I’m glad my biggest issue as a pregnant woman has been people’s thoughtless comments on the fact.  I’m safe, and I have access to good food and medical care, and the cost of the car seat required for hospital discharge is not a serious hardship.  Before Peanut I was most interested in the charities that give to babies and children, like Project Linus and Click for Babies.  I still think they’re good opportunities for crafters particularly to give back, but now that I’ve experienced how hard it is to prepare for a new little being, I am much more aware of the support mothers need too.  Here in the Valley we have a charity called Maggie’s Place, which provides support and housing to at-risk moms.  In complement to my donation to Friends for Life, I’ve given another skein’s worth to Maggie’s Place.  Hopefully it will help a mother in need have one less thing to worry about.

How do you give back, knitters?

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