Happy Día de los Muertos everyone!

Pictured here is my own little Day of the Dead altar for loved ones with two and four feet.  The candle got moved to a location much less likely to be used as a cat launchpad after the photo, but the rest of it will remain for the rest of the evening.  Marigolds out of my own garden to guide the spirits back, conchas for them to eat, and a little remembrance of each soul being celebrated.

Día de los Muertos was not part of my family’s traditions in the Midwest, but rather a celebration I became aware of living in Arizona.  For more information about the traditional symbolism, you can click the link above or read information from the Smithsonian or National Geographic.

I observe Día de los Muertos with my altar, ofrendas, and by calling up happy memories of the ones I’ve lost.  This little celebration gives me a piece of emotional equipment, a tool for turning loss into something less painful.  Tonight, the dead are not gone forever, they are right here.  Querido and I will share our favorite stories of little Melba and Cassie and I will tell him about all the music my dad loved.


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