Cast & Crew

Meet my people!  They frequently feature in blog posts, and are kind enough to lend a hand in the photography department.  I’ve been asked whether these are their real names: for the fuzzies, the answer is yes, but for the people, the answer is no.  One of the editorial decisions I make as a blogger is how much of my life to share with the universe, and I am not putting the no-holds-barred reality TV version out there (although it would be pretty awesome if one of those little title things popped up under each person as they appeared onscreen).

(There’s a very real possibility I will never get a picture for Mum)

In alphabetical order:

Dollop ~ My second human baby

KITTENS ~ Eloise (named after the children’s book) and Malthus (named after the philosopher)

Two kittens in a bathroom sink Eloise (left) and Malthus (right), playing in the sink like the slightly strange little kittens they are

Littler Sister (Formerly Monita) ~ Even younger sister, music consultant, and alternate photographer

Young woman wearing goggles Monita makes prints with hazardous materials. Image courtesy of

Melba ~ My very own best girl, the most ferocious guard dog imaginable and biggest snuggler too

Brown one-eyed dog Melba, my girl forever and always

Mousie ~ Little knitted travel companion

Small red knitted mouse held in front of the Cliffs of Dover Mousie at the cliffs of Dover

Mum ~ Mother, everything consultant

Querido ~ Husband, Mousie photoshoot assistant, kitten wrangler, and stash enabler extraordinaire

Man in a plaid shirt Querido, bravely sacrificing his arms to kitten-bathing. Eloise has already forgotten what a bath is and wants to see what Malthus is doing

Sister (formerly Hermana) ~ Younger sister, fashion consultant, alternate photographer

Woman modeling a red sweater Mahvelous, dahling

Smol Bean ~ My first human baby

Stella ~ Some people think she is our family dog, but she is actually an angel in a furry suit

Yep, Stella knows when she has an audience.

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