Cast & Crew

Meet my people!  They frequently feature in blog posts, and are kind enough to lend a hand in the photography department.  I’ve been asked whether these are their real names: for the fuzzies, the answer is yes, but for the people, the answer is no.  One of the editorial decisions I make as a blogger is how much of my life to share with the universe, and I am not putting the no-holds-barred reality TV version out there (although it would be pretty awesome if one of those little title things popped up under each person as they appeared onscreen).

So why the Spanish-language blog names? I am not of Hispanic descent, but lived in Arizona for close to 15 years, during which time I’ve been marinating in Hispanic culture and language. I studied Spanish in college, and what began as a way to practice the language became second nature. Hence, las Hermanas y Querido.

(You’ll notice that I haven’t tracked down a picture for Mum yet)

In alphabetical order:

Hermana ~ Younger sister, fashion consultant, alternate photographer

Woman modeling a red sweater

Mahvelous, dahling

KITTENS ~ Eloise (named after the children’s book) and Malthus (named after the philosopher)

Two kittens in a bathroom sink

Eloise (left) and Malthus (right), playing in the sink like the slightly strange little kittens they are

Melba ~ My very own best girl, the most ferocious guard dog imaginable and biggest snuggler too

Brown one-eyed dog

Melba, my girl forever and always

Monita ~ Even younger sister and music consultant

Young woman wearing goggles

Monita makes prints with hazardous materials. Image courtesy of

Mousie ~ Little knitted travel companion

Small red knitted mouse held in front of the Cliffs of Dover

Mousie at the cliffs of Dover

Mum ~ Mother, everything consulant

Querido ~ Mi novio, Mousie photoshoot assistant, kitten wrangler, and stash enabler extraordinaire

Man in a plaid shirt

Querido, bravely sacrificing his arms to kitten-bathing. Eloise has already forgotten what a bath is and wants to see what Malthus is doing

Stella ~ Some people think she is our family dog, but she is actually an angel in a furry suit

Yep, Stella knows when she has an audience.

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