Ground Cover in Pictures

Last Saturday, I took part in the Ground Cover project installation. It was a wonderful, overwhelming two days. I knew the project was huge–300 blankets completed by some 600 crafters–but until I saw it all laid out and filling an empty lot, I didn’t realize just how huge it was. When the time came to break the project down, it was amazing to see how quickly a few dozen people were able to return the lot to its empty state. The entire project would seem so impermanent, except I handled a lot of the blankets. They were well-made, some with words and pillows and pads and pockets built in, and they will be warming people in need for a long time to come.

Landscaping cloth at installation site

Landscaping cloth marked out in rectangles, ready for blankets

Lift being maneuvered into place for time lapse video

The lift that took a time lapse video of the installation as it was maneuvered into place

Construction booties over boots

We all wore booties over our shoes to keep the blankets clean.

Blanket number marked on landscaping cloth

C-11 was my blanket

First orange blanket coming out of a bag

First blanket out of our bag!

Volunteers adjusting blankets at art installation

Once the blankets were laid out, we had to squish them into one piece

Volunteers adjusting blankets at the Ground Cover installation

Making sure every blanket lined up just so

Mittened hand pinning blankets together

We went crazy with safety pins and turkey lacers, pinning the blankets together so they looked like one piece

Completed Ground Cover installation

One last look before disassembling

Folded orange blanket

My blanket, folded up and ready to go

Stack of red and brown blankets

Folding the blankets and stacking them in piles to go to charities happened so fast

Black plastic bags holding blankets

300 blankets, ready to be taken to 300 people in need

People walking in empty lot after deinstalling the Ground Cover exhibit

In under an hour, it was all gone, except for the people

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