Second Try

Hello again, everyone!  After much angst and more hours, I can finally share one of my projects-under-wraps:

We’ve moved!

Books in a cardboard box

For many reasons, most of which are too personal and dull to be detailed here, we chose Phoenix for our home.


The last time we lived in Phoenix, I invested a lot of energy in being unhappy with my lack of permanent employment, the heat, the sprawl, and being hot and underemployed at the same time.

This time, that will have to change.  It has to.  I poured all that energy into hating Phoenix, and leaving Phoenix, and here we are again, a scant five miles from where we lived before.  For starters, I will be reevaluating my work.  I am proud to have been a tenure-track librarian, to have managed staff, and to have made an impact in my chosen field, but a lot of the joy of sharing information got trampled between the cracks of the every day grind.

Two and a half years down the road, Querido’s and my lives are different, our plans are different, and I am ready to take some time to think about what brings me joy.


Blogging is of the things that brings me joy, so in the weeks ahead, I hope to take the time to give the blog a much-needed freshening up.  Please bear with me as things jump around, and thank you for reading!

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