Cream-colored cat with wide-eyed expression
Cream-colored cat with wide-eyed expression
Eloise, intensely looking at…something?

Check it out, everyone, we’ve got a new look!  As much as I loved my old Chunk theme, it was unresponsive and that’s just not ok in our many-platformed world.  So now I’m working with Sela, tweaked to carry over the old theme’s Oswald font and happy turquoise accent. As far as I have been able to tell with my minimal testing, the new theme responds well on laptops and iPhones.

On the right, I’ve added links to my Twitter and brand-spanking-new Instagram, but otherwise the content hasn’t been changed.  That’s next on the to-do list…

Please kick the tires some more and tell me what you think of the new design (or if you’ve discovered a bug, eep!) in the comments or via email: antiquotidianblog AT gmail DOT com.

Happy Friday!

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