Pi(e) Day


It’s Pi day, I’m on break, and there were walnuts in the cupboard. How could I resist?

Update 3/15


I was worried to add too many details before I knew how the pie had come out, but it was delicious, so here you go:

The recipe is “Walnut Tartlets with Chocolate Lace,” from The Martha Stewart Cookbook. I substituted Chambord for the Kirsch, because that’s what I could find, and, obviously, baked the filling as one big pie instead of tartlets. Because I miscalculated how much chocolate to melt, the lace was more of a blanket.

I also decided to go all out and use the remainder of the half-pint of heavy cream to make whipped cream. I got that recipe from The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, and substituted Chambord for vanilla.

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