First I Have to Procrastinate

Coral-colored lace shawl
The original Holden shawl was inspired by waves. Knitted in this pinky-orange, the lace reminds me of coral.

I have a cover letter to write and an oral presentation to whip together (in Spanish), but first I have to procrastinate a bit. Get my sillies out, as it were. To say I have been busy would be rawther a large understatement.

Knitted green owl.
I called this a lucky owl thinking it looked like a little talisman. Frankly, by the end I decided it was just lucky it got finished.

I’ve been very busy. Given the choice between sleep and stashbusting, however, I have chosen stashbusting. The shawl, made with some Dream in Color Smooshy purchased in Seattle two Mays ago, took two weeks. That little owl? Nearly a full month. Its seven-year-old recipient may not be my friend when we meet next, but I said her gift would come, and it did. Note to self: Ysolda’s Mousie remains the best last-minute gift.

Though the owl’s recipient will not appreciate this factoid, I was rawther proud of myself: the owl is also knitted entirely with stash yarns. Quince and Co.’s Lark is now right up there next to Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride on my must-be-stashed yarns list, and slowly, slowly, there is more room in the stash baskets.

Spring break hovers around the corner, and who knows? I might be able to fit in sleeping *and* knitting.

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