My Other Craft

Glass dish of garlic pasta

Hello again readers!  This November has been a busy month.  There has been travel, and adventures, and yarn, but very little time at home.  To center myself tonight, I dove into my other craft: cooking.  I don’t often post about cooking, but I cook dinner most nights, and often indulge my proclivity for baked goods by baking my own.

Today was cold and bright, a quintessential early winter day, so I came home and settled in to make some comfort food.  First came lentils and rice with mustard-herb butter (you don’t need the salmon, although it is delicious) for weekday lunches.  Then, for dinner, garlic pasta because I love dairy and garlic and carbs and combining all of those things together results in one of the few foods I willingly, even eagerly, eat myself sick on.

(N.B. Garlic pasta is not good for work lunches unless you want to scare vampires and all your coworkers out of the office)

img_0246Last, because I had some old milk and I hate wasting food in general but animal products in particular, a batch of basic quick bread with nutmeg and lime zest.

Now that the leftovers are packed away, the breads are cooling, and a small mountain of dishes has been washed, I think I can go on with my week.

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