Thank Goodness

img_0212Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.  This is an odd holiday, isn’t it?  We get two full days off on a secular holiday, one that was instated as a national holiday by President Lincoln but was then rearranged by FDR to make more time for shopping.  Then there’s the Pilgrims.  I definitely don’t have the space to get into the Pilgrims.  Suffice to say I like Lincoln’s take on Thanksgiving much more than the “Yay Pilgrims! ” version that I was taught in school.  2016 has been an iffy year, world events-wise.   The US is not in the middle of a hideous civil war, thank goodness, but other countries are, and human beings here have not been doing a particularly good job of behaving decently towards one another.

This is not to say that the entire universe is terrible.  I have several things to be thankful for, basically most of the things that I listed in 2015, 2014, and 2012.  I am thankful my fridge is full of pomegranates and the National Dog Show is streaming online.  I am thankful that I can spend the day indulging in knitting.

But also, I am thankful that 2016 is nearly over.  Humanity, you have a month to figure out how to treat each other right in 2017.  Please, figure it out.

Updated to add: If you are in need of a less grinchy Thursday read, I recommend this post.  It has happy music.

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