I am easily pleased.
I am easily pleased.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

I am thankful for many things this year. First and foremost, my job. I am so thankful to be employed, in my field, with a whole bunch of lovely people.

I am thankful for my Querido, and my Melba, and my KITTENS, and my family, and my friends.

For a yummy bright pomegranate, and a day spent putting my new house to rights.

And, of course, for knitting and my blog, and the kind people of the blogoverse who read and comment.

May you all be spending the day with the people and pets you are thankful for.

5 responses to “Thankful”

      • I was raised in Kansas. I hope your winter there treats you ok. I lived through several blizzards during my 22 years there. Ice, snow, wind chills below zero….no thanks. Although, I do miss the spring and fall from there.

      • Small world! Fall was beautiful (trees turning colors!), and I am now waiting for “real winter” to hit: I have heard tales of it from my coworkers but so far it just keeps bouncing below freezing and right back up.

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