What it Was Like

Almost exactly one year after our wedding, Querido and I finally took our honeymoon. Guess where? LondonLondonLondonLondonLondon (and a smidge of Edinburgh and Inverness too). We had both visited before, but how can you ever have too much of London? In some ways, we were going back. In others, it was entirely new.  I would … Continue reading What it Was Like

Tabby cat sitting on striped fabric

Hello Again

Goodness, where have I been? Since I posted last, spring came to Kansas. After the first day, which burst with chuckling robins, frolicking squirrels, cheery daffodils, and exuberant green buds, we have moved through fog, a heatwave, thunderstorms, and dreary dampness, which means it's spring in the Midwest for sure. What else? The cats and … Continue reading Hello Again