In Another Life

Mousie under the mosaic ceiling at the Library of Congress
This is what my brain looks like when I think about librarianship. (Sans mouse, of course)

Thanks everyone for your happy thoughts on all the little fuzzies. They were extra cute this weekend–I think they could feel the good karma.

Today we are not going to have a post about knitting (I know, sad sniffles from me too). In one life, I am a slightly mad knitter with lots of pets and more yarn. In my other life, I am a librarian. There’s a blog to go with that life, too, and I am in the process of turning it into a portfolio.

It’s a scary process, holding up one’s work for the world to see. There are no flashy smoke-and-mirror shows here: what I know is what I know, and I can only hope it’s enough.

We’ll recoup with some knitting soon.

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