The Bucket List

Earlier this year, when I lacked the brain space to blog, I was able to keep up with my blog reading. ¬†This provided a certain vicarious pleasure, but I found my comments falling into a rut. "I've always wanted to make that!" "I bought the yarn for this project years ago!" I've always wanted to … Continue reading The Bucket List

Will Too

I am ridiculously competitive sometimes. Last week, when I was listing the few contents of a room for Querido, he jokingly bet that the spinning wheel in the closet would stay there until we moved again. It wasn't meant to be a challenge, but clearly I didn't have enough to do, because I took it … Continue reading Will Too

Seeing Red

This weekend was a somewhat rocky one in project-dom. I attribute the trouble to my setting out to complete things. Why else would not one but two projects--in as many days--conspire against me?First there was a recycled t-shirt project that I've been working on, literally, for months. It began as a little seam-sewing exercise and … Continue reading Seeing Red