Two Mittens

A week to the day after I completed my mittens, I've finally got my blog back on.Here are the stats:Pattern: Norwegian Snail Mittens out of Book of Yarn, designed by Adrian BiziliaYarn: Dalegarn's Baby Ull, just under one skein each 3718 (maraschino) and 0007 (grey), plus a small amount of 0090 (black). The latter two … Continue reading Two Mittens

Dos Caracoles

(Two Snails)I have hit my stride with the Norwegian Snail Mittens, and I'm totally obsessed.I never would've thought I could get this into a pattern involving Fair Isle--the epitome of fiddly knits. But there's something addictive about doing just one more row to see the pattern progress. Then another, and another...I've even worked out a … Continue reading Dos Caracoles

Seeing Red

This weekend was a somewhat rocky one in project-dom. I attribute the trouble to my setting out to complete things. Why else would not one but two projects--in as many days--conspire against me?First there was a recycled t-shirt project that I've been working on, literally, for months. It began as a little seam-sewing exercise and … Continue reading Seeing Red