Puzzle Conundrum Enigma

The GRE is over (everybody laud the heavens), I am in bed recuperating from ear surgery (see item two on this post), and I am faced with a new conundrum.

What do I do with all this time?

My convalescence is not such that I am in a continual haze. I’m awake most of the day, coherent, and able to do as much math as normal (add, subtract, multiply, divide)–I just can’t move.

In the past three days, I have torn through three and a half books, lost numerous games of solitaire (Ok, so maybe I’m not that on it), and polished off a couple stashy projectlets.

Here’s the conundrum: do I keep tossing off mini-projects left and right, reading as I go, or do I dig in to one really big project that will occupy most of my waking hours for the next two weeks?

(that would be the snail mittens)

On one hand, I’ve gotten used to candy bar projects: quick, simple, with near-instant but short-lived gratification afterwards.

Occupying the other hand are the German chocolate cake projects: slow, complex, with delayed but relatively long-lasting gratification. (Note on German chocolate cakes: I really like the recipe in this book, but be prepared to spend a solid four hours in the kitchen and to dirty every bowl and kitchen utensil you own)

*Long pause of deliberation*

German chocolate wins out. Of my unreasonable fears, I think fear of being bored tops the list. With three colors, charts, welts, and little snails, I don’t think boredom is a possibility on this project. Gauge swatch first (I learned my lesson on the Icarus), and then, into the labyrinth of Fair Isle.

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