In a Funk

And not the dance floor kind.

This entry began as a bit of a mind dump, and more than a little bit of a downer, so I’m going to condense and hopefully not bring everyone down with my bad karma.

1. The Internet, I’ve discovered, is like an illustrated supplemental index. In addition to Adrian’s entry about her Snail Mitten pattern, searching “Norwegian Snail Mittens” on Flikr turns up a bunch of cool pictures. I am always intrigued by other knitters’ colorway choices…

2. Speaking of which, the mittens did not develop into the all-consuming, can’t-put-’em-down-till-they’re-done project I expected. Mitten #1 is just over an inch long. This has a little bit to do with my gauge issues (on all levels), a little bit to do with the fact that this is a thinking pattern, and a little bit to do with the fact that sitting up for too long wears me out.

3. Normally, I would solve this funk by a. riding it out with Kharma Police or Plans, b. cranking the Pumpkins, or c. perking things up with Mr. Pitiful, but none of those is an option right now. I haven’t listened to a single song since last Wednesday, people, not a single thirty-second morsel, and I’m in withdrawal!

That, in sum, is where I’m at right now. All you Shiny Happy People go listen to Mr. Pitiful, and I’ll work on collecting positive thoughts for my next entry.

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