Romper Comments

One of the biggest perks of knitting a romper are the comments I get on it.  The conversations will go one of two ways:1. Standard Romper Conversation"What are you making?""A romper.""Oh!  For a baby?""No, for me.""Oh." 2. Light Rail Romper Conversation."Excuse me, ma'am, do you mind me asking what you're making?""A romper.""Wow... that's pretty bada**.""Thank you." 


Back at the end of March, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee sent out a call to knitters, asking them to engage in one day of inexplicable knitter behavior. Her readers responded exuberantly, and I can only imagine how perplexed the non-knitting denizens of their respective cities were.The day for inexplicable knitting fell on a Tuesday, a school day, … Continue reading Inexplicable

Little Things

The minute, the curtailed, the packable seem to be taking over my life.Lunch fits in a box.My working memory is about the same capacity as a floppy.And any knitting larger than a washcloth seems an insurmountable task of Hurculean proportions.Why? Because it's back-to-school time. Not the rejuvenated-by-summer, won't-this-be-fun, brand-new-clothes fall back to school. The back-to-the-grind, … Continue reading Little Things