Little Things

The minute, the curtailed, the packable seem to be taking over my life.

Lunch fits in a box.

My working memory is about the same capacity as a floppy.

And any knitting larger than a washcloth seems an insurmountable task of Hurculean proportions.

Why? Because it’s back-to-school time. Not the rejuvenated-by-summer, won’t-this-be-fun, brand-new-clothes fall back to school. The back-to-the-grind, when-will-it-all-end, at-least-it’s-not-500-degrees-yet spring back to school.

However, I take the bus to school, and many semesters of experience have taught me that doing homework on the bus is futile until Panic Time. Binders have a tendency to slide onto other riders’ laps (or worse, dig into their legs) as the bus swings around a tight corner, and my multitasking skills are not so developed as to allow reading and people-watching all at once.

Knitting would be the perfect solution to this dilemma, and I’ve got a small project in the pipeline that may perk up the bus ride, make me feel productive, and use up some stash yarn.


SAS made a really elegant version. That was part of my inspiration, but I happened to have some Crayola colored sock yarn in my stash that has been causing me no end of grief every time I turn it up in my rummagings. These two partial skeins have been in there so long, they’re starting to stress me out. Do you have yarn like that?

On a more somber note, tonight two pairs of handknit socks bit the dust. They the first two real pairs of socks I knitted, and Hermanita had to steel me to do the deed. I was seriously debating darning up the worn spots on the toe decreases of my absolute favorite pink pair, but then I discovered that the place under the ball of the foot was going, and so was the base of the heel. I keep telling myself there was nothing I could do. *Sigh* Such is the fate of hugely functional items.

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