All Right, I Admit It!

I’m on my lunch break, and I’m not using the time for my montaña of homework. Yesterday was one of those days that you think you can salvage, but you can’t. The final straw was when I went to do some relaxing bedtime knitting and discovered I’d lost the pattern 10+ rows down.

So I’m trying to make today go a little better, inasmuch as an entire day spent telling people things they don’t want to hear can be “good.”

Here is my Quant.

The flash really picked up the colors (they are somewhat less blinding in person). Kiddish, yes, but whoever ends up wearing it never need fear getting run over crossing the street or sledding.

In the picture, the checks look miniature. This yarn is roughly sock weight, and I’m using #2 needles (The stabby metal kind. Can you say Dial M for Murder?), but it’s not horrible. I taught myself to purl backwards with this handy-dandy Knitty tutorial. When I finished that row of squares, I went back and used the same thing to teach myself to knit backwards. It wasn’t hard, and it saves on needle-drops and excess movement on the bus (men have quite a knack for sitting in such a way that they take up twice as much space as they really need to). And although I doubt anybody sitting across from me has the faintest idea which direction knitters usually work in, being able to work backwards makes me feel clever.

And now, my short hour is up.

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