Yikes--I have started this post three times (this is #4), and the words are just not there. How 'bout I try checking in on my New Year's resolutions?#1 Continue knitting from the stashYep, working on that. After a really long hiatus, I finished off the February Baby Sweater. And it's February! What are the odds … Continue reading Stuck

Two Mittens

A week to the day after I completed my mittens, I've finally got my blog back on.Here are the stats:Pattern: Norwegian Snail Mittens out of Book of Yarn, designed by Adrian BiziliaYarn: Dalegarn's Baby Ull, just under one skein each 3718 (maraschino) and 0007 (grey), plus a small amount of 0090 (black). The latter two … Continue reading Two Mittens