Yikes–I have started this post three times (this is #4), and the words are just not there. How ’bout I try checking in on my New Year’s resolutions?

#1 Continue knitting from the stash
Yep, working on that. After a really long hiatus, I finished off the February Baby Sweater. And it’s February! What are the odds of that?

Yarn: A little over one skein gray Dalegarn Baby Ull, plus little bits of black and red.
Needles: Size 5
Modifications: I did the sleeves last, in the round, like cosmicpluto did, which turned out to be a sanity-saver in the finishing department. Also, I only did 3 buttons at the top. Like Melissa did. Apparently I am a shameless copy-cat.

I enjoyed this foray into the world of EZ’s pithy patterns (waaay easier to understand when you have the knitting in your hands), and would definitely knit another FBS if given the opportunity.

More stash knitting:

A little sachet. This is not the project if you’re looking to clear a lot of yarn out of the way fast, but I’m enjoying experimenting with bead knitting and different lace patterns.

Yarn: an utter mystery, purchased at a seminal sidewalk sale many and many a year ago. Ditto the beads, except they came from Michael’s.
Needles: Size 2 dpns
Pattern: Daisy lace from Lace Knitting to Go (fun fun fun box of lace patterns printed on greeting-card size cards). 56 stitches is 3 repeats, enough for a chubby little sachet. I get my herbs from Whole Foods. This little guy is going to be rose/rosemary/lavender, I do believe.

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